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Elephants on a Big 5 African Safari

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Garden Route to Cape Town Adventure Trip

“This time I was in the planning tour of South Africa, a few people girlfriends to find the HME, from start to finish itinerary planning are HME’s Carlo by e-mail to communicate with me, from planning the trip to the offer, to several trip changes, are Very efficient and easy to communicate, very service-oriented, so that the original messy e-mail communication has become much smoother than expected, was only a month away from our departure date.

Our trip to the animal sanctuary, sea, charter, national parks, bungee jumping, paragliding, wineries and other suppliers, all need to contact HME, and because of the tight schedule, before departure I had once worried about these suppliers Whether it is reliable or not, whether each small journey can be punctuality started on time, whether the tug and other links are smooth, because any morning flight delays may affect afternoon travel. However, I am concerned that each journey is going smoothly. For example, the driver of our chartered bus will always arrive in the morning as early as half an hour. Maybe when we come back to the sea, we can see him without us looking for him at night. After we finished eating, we closed the door and locked the door before he left.

HME’s schedule is very nuanced, as reflected, for example, on the day we get up early, we will contact the hotel in advance to prepare a packed breakfast for us. Coupled with the very standard HME, ordinary travel arrangements have the legal person’s signature in the form, the quotation of each currency quotes, etc., so I plan the trip in the early stage, especially for the first time cooperation, they have confidence.

Before I went to South Africa, people around me said that the turmoil in South Africa had made me feel uneasy. However, after this trip with HME, I refresh my inherent impressions of South Africa and I found the South African people’s friendly rules. There are many similarities between lifestyles and China. Penguins roam the streets. Rock raccoons interact with humans. There are so many ultimate challenges. If you want to calm down and still have a New World wineries, South Africa will only be more than you think Fun, more gorgeous!”.

Tianjing Zhang & Friends

July 2017